Truvox Compact Valet Tub Vac Vacuum Cleaner

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This compact tub vacuum cleaner offers great performance, excellent maneuverability.

It has an A energy rating, using only 800 watts of electricity per hour. The 2 stage filtration system, which includes an HEPA 13 filter, provides high filtration of all particles 0.3 microns and larger, excellent for the Care Home.

Weighing only 6kg, the VTEe hoover is light and maneuverable, ideal for transporting between cleaning jobs. The vacuum sweeper contains a cable storage wrap to prevent tangling and has a quick and easy cord replacement system.

It also has inbuilt storage for the crevice and brush vacuum tools at the rear of the machine for easy accessibility during use.

The vacuum cleaner has a large 11.5 litre capacity, ideal for high productivity in Care Homes. It also comes with a HEPA 13 fleece bag 

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