TENA Bed Basic 60 x 60

TENA Bed Basic 60 x 60

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Disposable Incontinence pads for the hygienic protection of beds and chairs, Supplied in a case of 120 pads.

TENA Bed Basic cost effective disposable absorbent pads for bedding and chairs, Designed to offer extreme comfort, TENA bed is particularly soft and latex free, making it.

TENA Bed protectors are designed to cover mattresses in order to absorb leakages, reduce odours and maintain dryness, The consist of a polyethylene layer combined with sealed edges to ensure leakage protection. The highly absorbent material is evenly distributed throughout the core. Absorption level approx.. 750ml.

The back sheet is designed with printed identification, detailing the size and absorption information, and can be used for adults and children alike.

Key Features:

  • TENA Bed Basic 100 % Virgin fluff pulp
  • Colored Coded – Green
  • Disposable Incontinence Pads
  • Hygienic Protection
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Size: 60 x 60cm

As the world’s leading brand specialising in incontinence products for men and women, TENA improves the lives of those that live or work with incontinence. The renowned is committed to developing product that minimise the impact of incontinence.

TENA pads offer a secure, discreet and comfortable solution for the user and are easy to fit and change for the carer. Ensure you choose the correct TENA product for the user with the Easy Select colour coding system.

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