Standard First Aid kit - 50 People

Standard First Aid kit - 50 People

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The large first aid kit is intended to cover areas of around 50 people. It comes in a solid lightweight plastic case with built in closures and a handle for easy transportation. Both the traditional green colour and the clear white signage make this kit easily identifiable in an emergency situation. The large box is 29cm x 36cm x 8.5cm, and contains

  • 3 x pairs disposable vinyl gloves
  • 1 x first aid leaflet
  • 12x medium sterlie dressings
  • 4 x large sterlie dressings
  • 8 x non-woven traingular bandages
  • 12 x safety pins
  • 6 x eye pad bandges
  • 60 x assorted washproof platers
  • 20 x sterile saline wipes

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