Standard First Aid Kit - 20 People

Standard First Aid Kit - 20 People

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This is a standard first aid kit designed for medium sized Care Homes, covering up to 20 people. The kit comes in a standard green box which is lightweight, measuring 23cm x 27cm x 8.5cm. The first aid case is a solid to protect contents, and will also help prevent dust and water contamination. It is also clearly marked first aid to help identification in an emergency situation, and comes with an in-built handle. The first aid contents include:

  • 1 x first aid leaflet
  • 40 x assorted washproof plasters
  • 4 x eye dressings
  • 4 x triangular bandages
  • 12 x safety pins
  • 9 x small first aid dressings (12cm x 12cm)
  • 3 x large first aid dressings (18cm x 18cm)
  • 10 x moist sterile saline wipes
  • 4 x pairs of disposable gloves


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