Standard 10 Person First Aid Kit Refill

Standard 10 Person First Aid Kit Refill

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This refill can be used to replenish and restock our 10 person workplace first aid kit. The selection will fully restock your first aid kit, ready to be used again in an emergency situation in the Care Home. The refill kit contains:

  • 1 x first aid leaflet
  • 20 x assorted washproof plasters
  • 2 x sterile eye pad with bandage
  • 4 x non-woven triangular bandage
  • 6 safety pins
  • 6 x 12cm x 12cm dressing with bandage
  • 2 x 18cm x 18cm with bandage
  • 10 sterile saline cleansing wipes
  • 2 pairs disposable gloves


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