Professional Wheelchair Scales

Professional Wheelchair Scales

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The Marsden M-650 is a high capacity wheelchair scale with a large weighing platform to accommodate almost any wheelchair


At a glance

  • Class III Approved weighing platform for almost any wheelchair
  • Gentle incline ramps
  • High capacity and excellent accuracy

Key features

  • The ramps of the platform have a gentle incline to make it easier to push wheelchairs onto the scale.
  • The wheelchair scale is a one place unit and lifts onto fitted castors so it can be easily safety transported, as well as making it easy to store.

The scare has Tare and Pre-set Tare functions so that the weight of the wheelchair can be deducted before weighing the patient. The scale weighs up to 300kg in 100g increments and has a rechargeable battery over 40 hours of continuous use.

A two-year warranty is provided with this medical scale. It can also be covered by Marsden service contract, meaning the M-650 will stay accurate and reliable through recommended re-calibration intervals of every 12 months

Bluetooth connectivity for telehealth systems (or Wi-Fi connectivity for hospital data transfer systems) is available in the options list below, or a Marden TP – 2100 Printer can be ordered for a permanent record of a patient’s weight reading.

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