Momory Box Dementia Friendly - Oak

Momory Box Dementia Friendly - Oak

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The memory box makes an attractive addition to any care home corridor, enhances the dementia care environment whilst promoting independence and helping to reduce agitation and anxiety levels.

Placed all the correct height outside a person’s bedroom and filled with persona photographs and memorable, the box works as an orientation aid enabling a person to find their own room independently.

It also offers an excellent opportunity for careers and family members to start meaningful conversations with residents.

Constructed from a quality wood veneer in a choice of finishes, the contents are protected from dust and accidental knocks by a slide – out sheet of clear Perspex.

Inside, a clear Perspex shelf and pin – board backing provide a range of convenient way to present meaningful items. Convenient hanging cot – outs of the back mean mounting them on a wall or door is straightforward and quick.

Dimensions: 40cm H x 30cm W x 7cm D

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