Elbow Crutches With PVC Handles

Elbow Crutches With PVC Handles

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Our Elbow Crutches with PVC Handle offer fantastic value for money.

Available in both single and double adjustable versions, they have comfy soft-touch handles.

With integral bushes to eliminate rattling sounds, the Elbow Crutches with PVC Handles have high tensile but lightweight aluminum shafts.

Sold as a pair, they have a maximum user weight of 159 kg (25 stone)

They have closed cuffs so will not fall rapidly to the ground

They are available in five size options.

Single adjustable crutches – Adult

Handgrip height: 670-925mm (26-36 inches)

Cuff-to-handgrip: 240mm (9 inches)

Double adjustable crutches – small

Handgrip height: 440-670mm (17-26 inches)

Cuff-to-handgrip: 165-215mm (7-9 inches)

Double adjustable crutches – Medium

Handgrip height: 530-785mm (21-31 inches)

Cuff0to-handgrip: 200-275mm (8-11 inches)

Double adjustable crutches – Adult

Handgrip height: 635-910mm (25-36 inches)

Cuff-to-handgrip: 220-295 (9-12 inches)

Double adjustable crutches – extra long

Handgrip height: 820-1075mm (32-42 inches)

Cuff-to- handgrip: 220-295mm (9-12inches)

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