Elbow Crutches - Double Adjustable

Elbow Crutches - Double Adjustable

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This pair of Double Adjustable Elbow Crutches can be configured to suit almost anyone’s frame.

Both the upper and lower shafts can be adjusted in length, making for optimum user comfort.

The moulded hand grips are anatomically contoured to match the natural shape of the hand

Made of lightweight aluminum and with 22cm (1 inch) ferrules to avoid shippage, the Double Adjustable Elbow Crutches are high quality, versatile walking aids.

Available in three sizes, they are suitable for users weighing up to 127kg (20 stone) and each crutch weighs just 600g (1 1/4lb)


Handgrip height 530-785mm (21-31 inches)

Cuff-to-handgrip 200-275mm (8-11 inches)


Handgrip height 635-910mm (25-36 inches)

Cuff-to-handgrip 220-295mm (9-12 inches)

Extra Long

Handgrip height 82-1075mm (42-42 inches

Cuff-to - handgrip 220-295mm (9-12 inches

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