Digital Stand - on Floor Scales

Digital Stand - on Floor Scales

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The Marsden m-500 is a Class III digital -on scale. The Class III approval means that this low-cost scale meets the legal requirements for medical use – i.e. monitoring, diagnosing and treating patients. With a 200g (up to 100kg) accuracy, the M-500 has been tested and shown to be up to 5 times more accurate than traditional mechanical scales.

In comparison to traditional stand- on scales this has a wide weighing platform which can accommodate larger patients. The wide base also helps aid stability for people of all age ranges.

Key features

The M-500 features hold of weight, Tare and BMI can be easily calculated by using the buttons on the scale to input the height. Then when the patient stands on the scale, BMI will be automatically calculated and displayed.

  • Accurate and reliable
  • Capacity of 160kg and up to 100kg weighs in 200g increments
  • A tow year warranty comes as standard with this floor scale
  • Wide weighing platform
  • Calculates BMI
  • Battery powered, needing just four AA batteries for over 40 hours of continues operation

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