Digital High Capacity mobile Chair Scale with BMI

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This digital chair scale has a practical design as a range of features to make it comfortable for patients and easy for carers to use. The chair has a heavy duty build with high capacity. It is designed to provide accuracy time after time.

At a glance

The Marsden M-200 is a high capacity chair scale with an extra wide super – sized seat, useful for weighing bariatric patients. However, its high accuracy makes it ideal for weighing patients of all sizes.

Key features

The chair scale has hinged armrest and footrests for patients’ comfort and east patient transfer.

The M-200 has tow rear brake wheels and fixed wheels at the front. An optional handle is available to aid manoeuvring patient’s arum, and an optional seat built is also available.

The digital features include optional Bluetooth connectivity for connection to systems, database, smart phones, tablets and PCs

  • Heavy duty construction
  • 2-year warranty
  • Generous seat size
  • Hinged footrests for comfort and easier patient transfer
  • Hinged armrest for patient transfer
  • Fitted with date out port for connection to Marsden Printer
  • Optional seat belt or harness
  • Approved ‘hold of weight’ feature
  • Internal rechargeable battery pack giving 80 hours of continues weighing
  • Capacity 250kg/ 300kg
  • Graduations 50kg – 150g – 100g
  • Seat dimensions 530mm (w) x 460mm (h)

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