Aspeed 2 Double Pump Pro Aspirator

Aspeed 2 Double Pump Pro Aspirator

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Suction Machines are one of the most important tools a Care Home needs to keep a resident’s airways clear and keep when respiratory conditions arise. The suction machine is the Aspeed 2 Double Pump Pro Aspirator, one of a few machines we keep in our range of respiratory equipment. It provides an easy to use, sturdy and reliable device suitable for use on vulnerable residents in your care environment.


  • 22 lire/minute flow rate
  • Adjustable vacuum level
  • Machine only weighs 3.2kg
  • Carry handle

What is Included:

  • Machine
  • 1000ml jar
  • Suction tubing
  • Suction catheter
  • Spare filter
  • Connector/flow regulator
  • Disposable jar liner

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