Aluminium Axilla Crutches

Aluminium Axilla Crutches

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These Red Dot Aluminum Axilla Crutches are renowned for their remarkable clip-lock adjustable handles and push-button lower shaft.

These features ensure quick, precise measuring and easy fitting to the correct size

Despite the advert of modern style elbow crutches, axilla design remains a favorite with many users.

The Red Dot Aluminum Axilla Crutches have armpit cushions and rubber handgrips which provide comfort and excellent resistance to wear and tear.

The crutches are made using lightweight aluminum tubing

Red Dot Aluminum Axilla Crutches measurements:

Product weight: 1.25kg per crutch

Max user weight: 127kg (20st)

Ferrule: Z22

Small Size:

Crutch Length 940-1145mm (37-45 inches), patient height 1370-1575mm (4’6 inches-5’2 inches)

Medium size

Crutch length 1120-1320mm (44-52 inches), patient height 1550-1755mm (5’1 inches-5’9 inches)

Large size

Crutch length 1320-1520mm (52-60 inches), patient height 1780-1980mm (5’10 inches-6’6inches)

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