Alerta Move Assist

Alerta Move Assist

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The Alerta Move Assist is transfer assist unit which helps Care Home residents by keeping the user actively engaged in the process. Each unit is equipped with a crossbar where users can grasp and pull their self-up into a standing position using their own strength.  The padded split seats swing out allowing the user to stand up and board the unit. The caregiver then flips the split seat back into place to form a secure and comfortable seat  for the user to sit on the remainder of the transfer.

A patient or resident who qualifies to use the Alerta Move Assist must have enough leg and lower body strength to stand up and remain in the standing/ sitting position. Adequate arm strength is required if the patient must use the crossbar. Users who satisfy these criteria and have difficulty walking or present a potential for falling down will find then Alerta Move Assist a useful and safe transfer device. For patients who lack these requirements a stand aid hoist is recommended.

The Alerta Move Assist standing transfer aid is suitable for the following types of transfers:

  • Bed to Chair/ Wheelchair
  • Bed/Chair/Wheelchair to commode
  • Room to Room

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