Acti-Pro Disinfecting Power Non Bio

Acti-Pro Disinfecting Power Non Bio

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The Acti-Pro range of disinfecting laundry power is exclusive and part of our high-quality Platinum range. This Acti-Pro Non-Biological power disinfect at only 40 degrees, and is effective against MRSA, staphylococcus aureus, enterococcus hirae and e-coli. It is certified to EN13727 and EN1276. As well as being an effective disinfectant, this washing power also cleans well and leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance your residents are sure to enjoy. The non-biological formula is ideal for sensitive skin of Care Home residents.

Acti-Pro Disinfecting Power NonBiological is part of the Platinum plan, a complete cleaning and infection control plan for care homes, it can, however, be purchased as an induvial product

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