Acti-Pro Disinfecting Biological Power

Acti-Pro Disinfecting Biological Power

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The exclusive Acti-Pro Disinfecting Biological Power disinfects laundry at only 40 degrees, copying well with heavily soiled laundry. This laundry power is ideal for Care Homes as it is effective against MRSA, staphylococcus, enterococcus and e-coli. Acti-Pro washing power is certified to EN13727 and EN1276 and leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance which will improve the smell of your Care Home. The biological power improves performance at lower temperature, giving an effective clean in the most difficult circumstances.

Acti-Power Disinfecting Biological Power is part of the Platinum Plan, the complete cleaning and infection control plan for Care Homes, it can be bought thought this plan, or as an individual item.

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