Able Assist Sit to Stand Transfer Aid with Adjustable Legs

Able Assist Sit to Stand Transfer Aid with Adjustable Legs

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The Able Assist patient transfer aid provides a safe and easy solution for a carer wishing to transfer a client.

It is very manoeuvrable and light to use, even though the product is manufactured with a sustainable aluminium robust frame, with a maximum user weight limit of 185kg.

The Able Assist enables users to participates in transfers, improving their muscle tone. This solution is ideal for transferring users from one room to another, increasing independence.

For users who can raise from a seated position to a standing position the Able Assist is ideal. The carer will rotate the seat parts and the user then stands on the foot plate provided.  The carer will then lower the seat flaps and the user can now sit back, have their legs supported by the knee brace and hold on to the horizontal  bar in front of them, making them feel secure.

The four wheels, two of which are braked enable this aid to be manoeuvred from room to room. The narrow width of this aid enables the carer to manoeuvre easily through standard doorways. The Able Assist can be wheeled directly up to a toilet, with wheels positioned either side of the w/c offering the user more dignity. To sit down the above process is reversed.

It is easy to operate by pedal, adjustable legs are ideal for getting close up to raiser recliner armchair.

There are no electrical parts on this aid

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